Instructional Services is committed to involving parents, school personnel, and the community as active partners in planning, delivering, and evaluating our services by working closely with universities, colleges, businesses, government and civic organizations.

Instructional Services promotes all aspects of the educational process through our development and support of technology. We provide training in the use of essential technology tools that enhance curricular, instructional and administrative services in our schools.

We anticipate needs and opportunities, all with the single purpose of identifying, developing and implementing programs and practices that, through education, improve the opportunities for students and staff of Kent ISD.

Curriculum, Professional Development and School Improvement

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Instructional Services Administrators

Kelli Campbell
Director of Teaching & Learning
Kirsten Myers
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services


Kent ISD will be the community's first choice for educational services so that every student in every classroom achieves every day.


Kent ISD serves our customers by providing value-added services through collaboration and leadership for learning.


  • Customer Satisfaction -Build relationships. Put customers first.
  • Continuous Improvement - Commit yourself to constant improvement. Never give up.
  • Accountability - Make decisions that will last longer than you will. Honor commitments. Make an impact.
  • Community Partnerships - We care about our communities. We value diversity in people and ideas.
  • Collaboration - Do great things together. Create vision, inspire others and advance priorities and mission fo the organization.